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Energumen was an influential science fiction fanzine edited by Mike Glicksohn and Susan Wood Glicksohn from 1970-1973 (fifteen issues), with a special final "11th Anniversary Issue!!" [sic] in 1981 after Susan's death. It won the Hugo Award for Best Fanzine in 1973, after having been a nominee for the Hugo Award for both the prior years.[1]

Contributors included (inter alia) Alicia Austin, [John Baglow], John Bangsund, George Barr, Bill Bowers, Terry Carr, Phil Foglio, Jack Gaughan, Joe Haldeman, Joan Hanke-Woods, Jay Kinney, Dave Langford, Tim Kirk, Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Bill Rotsler, Bob Shaw, Stu Shiffman, Dan Steffan, Ted White and Gene Wolfe.

Energumen ceased publication in 1973 with #15, and the Glicksohns' marriage broke up; but planning for a special issue was already well under way at the time of Susan Wood's sudden death in November 1980.[2] Issue 16 ("JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE TO BIND YOUR FANZINES") was published by Glicksohn in September 1981.


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