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Industry Energy
Founded 1995 (1995)
Headquarters Melbourne, Australia
Key people
Catherine Tanna (MD)
Services Electricity and natural gas retail
Parent CLP Group

EnergyAustralia (former name: TRUenergy) is an electricity generation, electricity and gas retailing private company in Australia that is owned by Hong Kong-based and listed CLP Group. EnergyAustralia also has a portfolio of generating sites using thermal coal, natural gas, hydro-electric, solar energy, and wind power.

The company was founded in 1995 and its headquarters are located in Melbourne, Victoria.


Called TRUenergy, the company was formed in 1995 from the combination of retail and generation assets purchased from Singapore Power (who in turn purchased them from TXU Corp), and CLP's own Yallourn Power Station, in Victoria's Latrobe Valley. In 2011, TRUenergy acquired retail business and trade name from the state–owned enterprise, EnergyAustralia from the NSW Government. Following the divestment of its retail assets, the name of the government–owned enterprise was changed to Ausgrid. Subsequently, in 2012, TRUenergy changed its name to EnergyAustralia.

In late 2011, there were media reports that TRUenergy may be floated in 2012 and later reported that this initial offering may be considered in 2013.[1]

On 15 May 2014 Energy Australia announced Catherine Tanna as new Managing Director of the company. [2]

On 6 November 2015, it was announced that up to 300 jobs are in doubt after EnergyAustralia announced plans to close its call centre in Melbourne's north-east (Mill Park) and move jobs to the Philippines after the Hong Kong owned company decided to cut costs. [3]


EnergyAustralia supplies natural gas and electricity to more than 2.8 million residential and business customers throughout Australia.[4] In addition to the retail function, EnergyAustralia has a significant portfolio of industrial and commercial customers, and a A$5 billion portfolio of energy assets, including an underground natural gas storage facility at Iona near Port Campbell, a master hedge agreement with Ecogen for 966 megawatts (1,295,000 hp) of gas-fired electricity and power stations at Yallourn, Victoria and Hallett Power Station, in South Australia. Energy Australia is responsible for an output of 20.8 million tonnes CO2-equivalent gases, the greatest producer of greenhouse gas pollution in Australia.[5]

Renewable Energy[edit]

EnergyAustralia offers a carbon neutral option[6] to their customers by purchasing carbon offset units from a range of Australian and international offset projects including renewable energy projects in developing countries, land management and tree planting in Australia. Certified by the Australian Government’s National Carbon Offset Standard, the carbon neutral program aims to provide carbon neutral energy to offset the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere.


EnergyAustralia created a climate change strategy[7] in 2007 to define their environmental responsibilities and measure/manage their impact on the environment through their operations.

The strategy offered short, medium and long-term climate change targets and included meeting climate targets through the following measures:

1) Putting a cap on carbon intensity through stopping the building of green-field power stations using traditional coal-fired technologies

2) Reducing emissions through waste management and supporting CO2 community reduction schemes

3) Investing in low and zero emission technology with support for research and development

4) Helping customers manage their own footprint through energy efficient products and services, allowing them to offset emissions

Quoted as their main reduction target, greenhouse gas is aimed to be reduced by 60% by 2050, based on a 1990 emissions baseline for the National Electricity Market (NEM) and EnergyAustralia’s market share of the NEM in 2050.


EnergyAustralia are working on a number of projects to meet energy market demand.

Mallee Solar Park, if built, will be capable of generating emission-free electricity, providing Victoria with clean energy[8].

Marulan Power Station, if built, will be a gas fired station located in New South Wales Southern Tablelands and will have a capacity of 700 MW[9].

Stony Gap Wind Farm is a proposed wind farm, to be located in South Australia, capable of producing 123MW, potentially saving 395,000 tonnes[10] of greenhouse gas emissions each year.

Tallawarra Lands[11] is a development that will aim to provide positive environmental employment and social outcomes for the Illawarra area.

Waterloo Stage 2[12] is a project that proposes to add 6 more wind turbines to Waterloo Wind Farm to supply enough green energy to power a further 7516 households a year.

Mt Piper & Wallerawang Power Stations[13] are set to be assisted by a number of EnergyAustralia projects to support the management of these power stations’ assets.

Brown Coal Projects aim to prove new technologies and develop alternative uses for brown coal, focusing on upgrading brown coal to high value products. Products include 'pulverised coal injection' (PCI, used in steel production), liquids, gases and chemicals. These projects also aim to provide access to land, coal supply and utilities such as water and electricity.

Two examples of projects under development that EnergyAustralia is supporting are Coal Energy Australia and Ignite Energy Resources. These projects have been awarded government funding of $30 million and $20 million respectively under the Advanced Lignite Demonstration Program and both projects aim to produce PCI and oil from Yallourn coal[14].

Community Engagement[edit]

EnergyAustralia operates in numerous communities where they have facilities in a bid to build vibrant places to live and work. Adopting local causes that deliver social and economic benefits through community grants programs. Some of their facilities that benefit local communities include the following sites: Yallourn Power Station[15], Mt Piper/Wallerawang Power Stations[16], Tallawarra Power Station[17], Waterloo Wind Farm[18] & the Geelong Call Centre[19]. EnergyAustralia has partnered with Reconciliation Australia to create a reconciliation plan that aims to focus on the reconciliation of EnergyAustralia with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island communities while linking this reconciliation to their business strategy. The plan aims to foster a relationship between the two in order to bridge the gap felt by many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations[20].

Energy generation and assets[edit]

EnergyAustralia's portfolio of assets includes:

Awards & Recognition[edit]

Auscontact Association Victorian Contact Centre of the Year – EnergyAustralia Contact Centre Geelong[21]

Most Satisfied Customers - Canstar Blue Award for Small Business Electricity Providers[22]

Roy Morgan Customer Satisfaction Award – June[23]/July [24]/August 2016 [25]

Roy Morgan Gas Provider of the Month – August 2016[26]

#1 Customer Experience Index for Energy Retailing in 2015 – Global Reviews[27]

EY’s Women in Power & Utilities Index[28]

EnergyAustralia leads the industry in FCRC’s Rank the Energy Retailer report[29]


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