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IndustryOil and gas
FoundersPhilip Racusin, Roger Gingell, Michael Racusin, and Casey Minshew
HeadquartersHouston, Texas

EnergyFunders is an energy-focused FINTECH crowdfunding company that started with oil and gas.


The company was founded in 2013 by Philip Racusin, Roger Gingell, Michael Racusin, and Casey Minshew in Houston, Texas.[1][2] Casey Minshew currently serves as the company’s CEO.[3] It was set up as a crowdfunding platform, in accordance with US Securities regulations.[4] EnergyFunders initially provided accredited investors with access to upstream oil and gas projects from independent operators and producers.[5] Generally these are established small operators that otherwise have limited financing options.[6] The platform first went live in 2014 and was officially released in 2015.[7] In January 2018, the EnergyFunders Marketplace was accepted by FINRA to operate a crowdfunding portal under Regulation CF.[8] EnergyFunders launched an all-new upgraded platform using block-chain technology in early 2018.

EnergyFunders Platform[edit]

The EnergyFunders platform provides crowdfunded upstream oil and gas projects to accredited investors,[1] which the company pre-vets before putting them up for offer[9][10] through a team of various professionals in law, geology, technology, and finance.[11] EnergyFunders takes a carried interest from each investment made through its platform.[1][12]


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