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Energy Company of Ukraine
Native name
НАК «Енергетична компанія України»
State owned
Industry Electricity
Fate dissolved
Defunct 2014
Headquarters Kiev, Ukraine
Area served
Products Electrical power
UAH 265 million (2007)[1]
Total equity US$1.225 billion (UAH 9.8 billion)[citation needed]
Owner State of Ukraine
Number of employees
110,000 (2011)[2]
Parent Ministry of Energy and Mining
Divisions more than 20 energy companies
Subsidiaries Dniproenergo

Energy Company of Ukraine (Ukrainian: НАК Енергетична компанія України) is a dissolved state-owned holding company for electricity assets in Ukraine under Ministry of Fuel and Energy. On 4 September 2014, the Government of Ukraine decided to dissolve the company. The process should be carried out within five months.[3]


Along with other state companies like Energoatom and Ukrenerho, Energy Company of Ukraine has produced electricity for Ukraine and abroad. Until 2010, the company had total installed power generation capacities of 29,6697 MW which corresponded to 56% of installed capacity of Ukrainian power stations.

Energy Company of Ukraine has operated thermal power stations through at least six regional subsidiaries such as Dniproenergo, Zakhidenergo, Centrenergo, Kievenergo, Skhidenergo; and hydro power stations through Ukrhydroenerho; energy supplying companies also exist in each oblast such as Dniprooblenerho, Vinnytsiaoblenerho and others. A smaller state company "Ukrinterenergo", established in January 1993, operates only one plant named Kaluska CHP.[4] Unlike most of Ukraine it is part of the IPS/UPS transmission grid, so Ukrinterenergo created a power generating island named "Burshtyn TES" that is synchronized with the ENTSO-E transmission grid. The island includes some companies of the Zakhidenergo.[further explanation needed]

Former subsidiaries[edit]

List of subsidiaries and percentage of ownership by Energy Company of Ukraine[5]

Hydro-power generation[edit]

Thermal power generation[edit]

Other thermal power generation[edit]

Power distribution[edit]

Some power distributing companies have capabilities of power generation such as Zakarpattiaoblenerho.

  • Vinnytsiaoblenerho - 75.0%
  • Volynoblenerho - 75.0%
  • Zakarpattiaoblenerho - 75.0%
    • Tereblya-Rikska HES
    • Onokivska HES
    • Uzhhorod HES
  • Dniprooblenerho - 75.0%
  • Khmelnytskoblenerho - 70.1%
  • Krymenergo - 70.0%
  • Mykolaivoblenergo - 70.0%
  • Chernivtsioblenergo - 70.0%
  • Donetskoblenergo - 65.1%
  • Kharkivoblenergo - 65.0%
  • Zaporizhiaoblenergo - 60.3%
  • Luhanskoblenergo - 60.1%
  • Ternopiloblenergo - 51.0%
  • Cherkasyoblenergo - 46.0%

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