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Founded 2006
Commenced operations 2009
Fleet size 3
Parent company Enerjet Ltd
Headquarters Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Website www.enerjet.ca

Enerjet is a charter airline with its headquarters on the grounds of Calgary International Airport in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The Airline under takes connecting flights and Code share flights for Air Transat and transports oil sand workers to job sites in Alberta. The airline commenced operations in spring of 2009.


Enerjet was originally formed in 2006 by a small group of entrepreneurs addressing what they perceived to be a gap in the service provided by Canada's major airlines, WestJet and Air Canada, in "Middle Canada".[1] When planned it was known as NewAir and Tours until 20 October 2008 when NewAir and Tours revealed their name and corporate logo to be styled as Enerjet.[2] Enerjet was founded by nine individuals including Tim Morgan, former WestJet Senior Vice-President.[3]

In the spring of 2013 it was reported that the airline was in the hunt for investors, citing plans to eventually commence scheduled service.

On 28 November 2008, Enerjet received an Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and Air Operators Licence issued by the Canadian Transportation Agency.[4]


Enerjet operates the Boeing 737-700 aircraft for their routes. The first of two aircraft was painted in the Enerjet livery on the 20 October 2008. The aircraft was delivered to Calgary on 12 November 2008. These aircraft were used orders from AirTran Airways. After returning one of the 737-700 a 737-800 was obtained from Transavia in 2010.

Enerjet currently operates the following aircraft (as of May 2014):[5]

Enerjet Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Passengers
Boeing 737-700 3 0 149


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