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Enewetak performing at the Showcase in Riverside

Enewetak was a grindcore band formed in Orange, California, in 1994. Enewetak has been called "one of the most progressive hardcore bands of the mid-to-late nineties, overshadowing its contemporaries such as Unruh and Suicide Nation.[1]"

From humble beginnings in garages and coffee houses, Enewetak went on to gain international acclaim for its unique sound and ever-evolving style. Over the course of the band's ten-year career, Enewetak released three full-length studio albums, as well as four seven-inch records and a DVD.


Enewetak took its name from an atoll in the Marshall Islands.


Enewetak's sound has been described as "brutal hardcore",[2] as well as "damn heavy, with huge roaring grooves and ferocious vocals"[3]

Line up[edit]

The original line up of Enewetak consisted of Forrest Locke on vocals, Jim Greco on guitar, Graham Day on guitar, Toby Sterrett on bass guitar and Ben Fall on drums. Fall left the band in early 1995 and was replaced by Patrick Bonfrisco. The following year, Day was replaced by Jack Fitzgerald.

In 1995, the band recorded and released a self-titled seven inch record on Revolutionary Power Tools Records. The following year, Enewetak's first full-length album, And The Beat Goes On, was released on the same label.

Enewetak later recorded additional seven-inch records (including a split with Unruh) and two more full-length albums. Guns. Elvis Loved Them. was released through Kiss of Steel records in 1996 and Onward to Valhalla, the band's only CD, was recorded and released in 1997. During this time, the line up changed slightly, as Javier Van Huss filled in during Sterrett's hiatus, and several guitarists, including Chris Smith and Scooter Funcheon, took over for Fitzgerald while he was away for two years. Myles Sterrett later joined the band as the permanent guitarist.


Title, Format, Label, Year Lineup Tracks
Self Titled
Seven Inch Record
Revolutionary Power Tools
  • Forrest Locke
  • Jim Greco
  • Graham Day
  • Toby Sterrett
  • Patrick Bonfrisco
  1. Dead Bird
  2. No Return
  3. Belted Into Submission
  4. Game Over
And The Beat Goes On
Twelve Inch Record
Revolutionary Power Tools
  • Forrest Locke
  • Jim Greco
  • Jack Fitzgerald
  • Toby Sterrett
  • Patrick Bonfrisco
  1. Human Wrecka
  2. Elmer
  3. Just a Thought
  4. 238
  5. Taxman
  6. Funeral
  7. Del Fuego
  8. Waxeater
  9. Dictator
Guns. Elvis Loved Them.
Twelve Inch Record
Kiss of Steel
  1. Biopoly
  2. Wicker
  3. Fly Paper
  4. Pedestal
  5. Blue Sky
  6. Dirt on Lip
  7. Cobalt
  8. Parasite
  9. Cottonmouth
  10. The Lair
  11. Sulfer
  12. Sold Out
The Easyrider Sessions, Volume One
Seven Inch Record
  1. The Accident
  2. Deathbed
  3. Supercrust
  4. Armageddon
  5. It's A Small World After All
  6. Cease To Exist
Split Seven Inch Record
with Unruh
Feast And Famine
  • Forrest Locke
  • Jim Greco
  • Jack Fitzgerald
  • Javier Van Huss
  • Patrick Bonfrisco
  1. Kill 'Em All
  2. Half Dead F*cker
  3. Cracksmoke
The Easyrider Sessions, Volume Two
Limited Seven Inch Record
  • Forrest Locke
  • Jim Greco
  • Toby Sterrett
  • Patrick Bonfrisco
  1. Born to Die
  2. My Michelle
  3. Clean Shave
Onward to Valhalla
  1. Casket
  2. Greyskull
  3. Order
  4. Eld
  5. Hands Are Tied
  6. Valhalla
  7. Tragedy
  8. Stepped On
  9. Singularity
  10. Glorification
The Easyrider Sessions, Volume Three
Seven Inch Record
King of the Monsters
  • Forrest Locke
  • Jim Greco
  • Myles Sterrett
  • Toby Sterrett
  • Patrick Bonfrisco
  1. The Party Song
  2. Death Lies in Ashes
  3. Rulers of the World


Since the band's final show in 2004, many of the members have joined or started new projects. Locke and the Sterretts were founding members of The Accident.[4] Locke and Toby Sterrett later went on to create Tafkata. Bonfrisco joined The Touching Game in 1999 and Run. Dash. Sprint. in 2002. Jim moved to Jacksonville, Florida; his current projects include Cursed Ruin,[5] Extremely Rotten, Saturnine,[6] Vomikaust[7] and Slounge.[8]


To celebrate the 20 year anniversary of the band's first seven-inch, enewetak is reuniting for a show in Phoenix, AZ in April 2015.


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