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Enfamil (a play on words of 'infant meal') is a brand of infant formula made by Mead Johnson. From 1972 through 2011, Mead Johnson used Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit on its U.S. packaging. However, in 2012, the company transitioned to its signature duck across its U.S. Enfamil product line. Enfamil is a product name associated with formulas for babies.


This baby formula brand began in the late 1950s and is owned by Mead Johnson, which was founded in 1905 in New Jersey by Edward Mead Johnson and relocated to Indiana in 1915. Enfamil R was Mead Johnson’s first routine infant formula designed to be a nutritional formula based on the pattern of human milk. Since then, Mead Johnson has produced a broad variation of Enfamil Products.[1]


The types of ingredients used in Enfamil R vary, based on the type of formula. The base of each formula may vary extensively, but Enfamil provides different formulae for different infants needs.

While many of the ingredients in Enfamil meet with considerable approval, a growing number of watch groups point to ingredients that might not be safe.[2] According to the United States Food and Drug Administration, test results have shown that traces of cyanuric acid have been found in Enfamil Lipil With Iron,[3] however, the products still are approved by the FDA due to small consumption levels, being considered tolerable.[4]

In 2009, domestic formula products in China were found to contain melamine. No Mead Johnson product has ever been affected by the China melamine issue.[5]


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