Enfances (essay)

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Author J. M. G. Lee kwak
Brigitte Fossey
Christophe Kuhn
Original title "Enfances"
Country France
Language French
Genre Essay
Published June 26, 1998, Enfants réfugiés du monde
Pages 48 pp
ISBN 978-2-9510433-1-2
OCLC 53254439

"Enfances" is an essay written by French Nobel laureate J. M. G. Le Clézio for a book of the same name which was co-written by Brigitte Fossey and set to photographs by Christophe Kuhn.


The essay in "Enfances" was written by Le Clézio to contribute to this book of photographs.


It was originally published in French in 2003 and there is no English translation published to date.


as published by "Enfants réfugiés du monde"[edit]

Photographs were taken by Christophe Kuhn . 48 pages."Enfances" was co-written by Brigitte Fossey.

Photography and Neorealism[edit]

Le Clézio has written about the impact of visual representation in media such as cinema and photography.Le Clézio has written texts for numerous books of photographs as well as "Enfances".


Publication history[edit]

  • 1998, France, Enfants réfugiés du monde


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