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Enforce Engine
Developer(s) Black Element Software
Bohemia Interactive
Stable release N/A / N/A
Written in N/A
Platform Microsoft Windows
Type Game engine
License Proprietary

Enforce is a proprietary computer game engine developed by Black Element Software and now Bohemia Interactive. Enforce was used for Alpha Prime. Bohemia Interactive restarted the use of this game engine with Carrier Command: Gaea Mission in 2012.[1] Later in 2013 it appeared again to develop Take On Mars;[1] which was started around the time Carrier Command was released.




Enforce was originally developed by Insanity development team. They originally worked on a game called Enforce but it was later cancelled but was used as a basic for the engine. Insanity later transformed into Black Element Software and used the engine for Shade: Wrath of Angels (originally known as Nefandus). Developers compared it to Unreal Engine. The studio later used the engine for Alpha Prime and the in Carrier Command: Gaea Mission that was developed under Bohemia Interactive as Black Element Software was acquisitioned.[2][3]

Bohemias latest game developed with Enforce Take On Mars released a Workbench editing suite v.0.3 allowing for the user to create any content for Take On Mars, and possibly Carrier Command: Gaea Mission .[4]

Games using Enforce[edit]


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