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Eng Abner Nangwale (1932 – January 17, 2013) was a Ugandan politician and member of the Uganda People's Congress. He served as the Minister of Works within the administration of President Milton Obote from 1980 until July 1985.[1] As Minister, Nangwale expanded the government's efforts to provide free, universal education to Ugandan students.[1] Nangwale led the construction of several new Teachers Training Colleges (TTC), now called as Parents Teachers Colleges (PTCs), to train new Ugandan teachers and educators.[1]

Nangwale was born in Bukigai, located in present-day Bududa District, in 1932.[1] He was elected as an MP of the Parliament of Uganda for Manjia County, before his appointment as Minister of Works by President Obote in 1980.[1]

Nangwale died at his home in Bududa, Uganda, on January 17, 2013, at the age of 79.[1]


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