Engelberger Aa

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Engelberger Aa
Engelberger Aa tobel.jpg
Origin West of Surenenpass
Mouth Lake Lucerne
Basin countries Switzerland
Length 50 km
Mouth elevation 433 m
Basin area 230 km²

Engelberger Aa (or Engelbergeraa) is a river in Switzerland. It rises west of Surenenpass in the Canton of Uri, flows through the valley of Engelberg (Obwalden) and Nidwalden. At Buochs, it empties into Lake Lucerne and is thus a tributary of the Reuss, which drains that lake.

Coordinates: 46°58′44″N 8°25′31″E / 46.97889°N 8.42528°E / 46.97889; 8.42528