Engelbert, 8th Duke of Arenberg

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Engelbert August Anton 8th Duke of Arenberg

Engelbert August Anton of Arenberg (Brussels, 11 May 1824 – Arenberg Castle, 28 March 1875) was 8th Duke of Arenberg and 14th Duke of Aarschot.

He was the son of Prosper Louis, 7th Duke of Arenberg, and belonged to one of the most important European noble families. He was Duke of Arenberg, Duke of Aarschot, Duke of Meppen and Prince of Recklinghausen.

In 1868 he married his cousin Maria-Eleonora von Arenberg (died 28 November 1919). They had three daughters and two sons:[1]

  • Marie Ludmilla (29 June 1870 – 6 September 1953), married Karl Alfred, Duke of Croÿ
  • Sophie (26 July 1871 – 29 May 1961)
  • Englebert-Marie, 9th Duke of Arenberg (10 August 1872 – 15 January 1949)
  • Marie-Salvatorix (26 April 1874 – 9 May 1956)
  • Charles-Prosper (12 May 1875 – 2 August 1948)

He was an important patron of the arts.[2] He was the last Duke of Arenberg to hold possessions in Germany. These were lost in the German Unification. In 1861 he became a member of the Prussian House of Lords.


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