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Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology

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The Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology (EIMB) is a research institute located in Moscow, Russia. The Institute is included in the Branch of Biological Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences and has the status of a State non-commercial organization.


The institute was founded on April 26, 1957 by Vladimir Engelgardt who became its first director. Until 1965 it was known as the Institute of Radiation and Physicochemical Biology of the Russian Academy of Sciences. On May 12, 1988 the institute was named after Vladimir Engelhardt.


  • 1957–1984 — V. A. Engelhardt;
  • 1984–2003 — A. D. Mirzabekov;
  • 2003– — Alexander Alexandrovich Makarov.

Scientific activities[edit]

  • molecular and cell engineering; bioengineering
  • oncogenomics, oncodiagnostics, oncoprognosis, oncovirology
  • mobile and repeating genetic elements and their evolution
  • molecular immunology
  • biopolymer structure and molecular dynamics
  • the design of new biologically active compounds
  • genetic enzymology
  • signal transfer at molecular and cellular level
  • plant genomics
  • genomic and proteomic bioinformatics
  • The development of fundamental principles of new molecular and cellular technologies and bionanotechnologies.


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