Engelmund of Velsen

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Saint Engelmond
Died c. 739 AD
Venerated in Roman Catholic Church
Feast June 21[1]
Attributes depicted as a pilgrim abbot with a fountain springing under his staff
Patronage invoked against toothache

Saint Engelmund (Engelmond, Ingelmund) of Velsen (died May 14, c. 739) was an English-born missionary to Frisia. He was educated in his native country and entered the Benedictine Order. He was ordained a priest and later became an abbot.


Although born in England, he had lived in Friesland with his parents and so knew the language.[2] He traveled to Frisia to join Saint Willibrord in evangelizing the region. Engelmund was based at Velsen near Haarlem, where he later died at an advanced age, of fever.[3]


Saint Engelmund is depicted as a pilgrim abbot with a fountain springing under his staff.[4]


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