Engels Peak

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Engels Peak
Pik Engels.jpg
Engels Peak as seen from the valley
Highest point
Elevation6,510 m (21,360 ft) [1]
Prominence900 metres (3,000 ft)
Coordinates37°10′18.02″N 72°31′22.43″E / 37.1716722°N 72.5228972°E / 37.1716722; 72.5228972Coordinates: 37°10′18.02″N 72°31′22.43″E / 37.1716722°N 72.5228972°E / 37.1716722; 72.5228972
Engels Peak is located in Tajikistan
Engels Peak
Engels Peak
Parent rangeShakhdara Range

Engels Peak is a mountain in the Shakhdara Range of the South Western Pamir Mountain System. The mountain is flanked by Glacier Naspar (5.1 km2) in the north and Kishtidzharob Glacier (8.3 km2) in the south.[1]


Engels Peak was known as the Queen's Peak, after Empress Maria Feodorovna. The first recorded ascent was in 1954 by a team of Georgian climbers led by Maxim Gvarliani.[2]


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