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Origin Essex, England
Genres twee, metal
Years active 2000 – 2006
Labels Sanctuary Records
Website http://www.engerica.com
Members David Gardner
Mike Webster
Neil-Ross Gregory

Engerica were a British, Essex based punk band. The group incorporated several styles into their repertoire, varying from punk and metal, to instances of grunge and goth-inspired lyrics. Their debut and only album There Are No Happy Endings, which was released on 13 March 2006, included a mix of styles.

Members and history[edit]

  • David Gardner - Vocals, Guitar
  • Mike Webster - Bass, Vocals
  • Neil-Ross Gregory - Drums

In December 2000 the band played their first show, and in January 2005 Engerica signed to Sanctuary Records and recorded their debut album.

The band announced on Wednesday 23 August 2006 that they would be going their separate ways as of November 2006.

Their final gig was held on 26 October at Chinnerys in Southend-on-Sea.

Band members post Engerica work[edit]

Bassist Mike Webster began his own solo project in late 2005, generally performing vocals and an acoustic guitar, although he occasionally records with a backing group, whose members include his twin brother Jim. Some of the music written in this solo project has also been included in the Engerica catalogue of songs.

Later, the solo project became a full band named Baddies who achieved moderate success before disbanding in 2012. Mike Webster is now bassist for band Asylums, whose début album is due out on Cool Thing Records in 2016.

Vocalist and guitarist David Gardner began working as a film and media studies teacher, while attending university to study English. It is not know if he is involved in any music projects as of 2016.

Drummer Neil-Ross Gregory drummed for other bands and music projects after Engerica's initial break up. It is unknown what, if any music projects he is currently involved in as of 2016.




Year Title Format Label
2002 "My Demise" CD (self released)
2003 "Trick or Treat?" CD Wrath Records
2004 "The Smell" CD Kennel Records
2005 "My Demise" (re-release) CD / 7" Sanctuary Records
2005 "Roadkill" CD / Maxi CD / 7" Sanctuary Records
2006 "The Smell" (re-release) CD1 / CD2 Sanctuary Records

Music videos[edit]

  • Roadkill (2005)
  • The Smell (2006)[1]


Demo, compilation albums, compilation EPs

Year Title Type Featured Song/s
2000/2001 The Pink Tape Demo Cassette 'Nobody's Saviour', 'Groaner' and 'The Brown Grass'
(Never released) Don't Think! compilation EP Unknown
2003 The Squirrel EP compilation EP Crooked Sex
2004 Doo...Wutchyalike compilation CD Crooked Sex
2004 Metal Hammer: The Razor Vol 1 compilation CD Funeral Song
2004 Rocksound compilation compilation CD Roadkill
2004 Subverse Vol 2:'Subverse by Name...Subverse by Nature compilation CD Reasons to be Fearful (Part 1)


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