Engerjordet (station)

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Engerjordet Station ca. 1910-1915
Location Oslo
Coordinates 59°56′57.10″N 10°41′57.15″E / 59.9491944°N 10.6992083°E / 59.9491944; 10.6992083Coordinates: 59°56′57.10″N 10°41′57.15″E / 59.9491944°N 10.6992083°E / 59.9491944; 10.6992083
Owned by Holmenkolbanen
Line(s) Holmenkollen Line
Platforms 1 side platform
Tracks 2
Structure type At-grade
Closed 1935

Engerjordet is a former light rail station on the Holmenkollen Line in Oslo, Norway. It opened either in 1898 or within a decade, possibly initially as a stop for the tram company's executives, who lived there. The station had a simple wooden platform and saw limited patronage. It was closed in 1935.


It is not clear when the station was opened. This may have been at the same time as the line did on 31 May 1898 or during the 1900s. The distance to the neighboring stations was limited. However, two influential people in the operating company Holmenkolbanen lived in the vicinity. The one was engineer Halvor Emil Heyerdahl, who lived at Heyerdhals vei 1 (named after himself). Presumably the station was at first not official, but trams would stop there to let on and off the executives. During the 1900s it received a platform. By then Johannes Harbitz, who also lived adjacent to the station, had become the company's director. Due to limited patronage the station was closed in 1935. It remains the only station to have been closed on the line. [1]


The station was situated about at the intersection of Slemsdalsveien—which the line follows—and Heyerdals vei. It consisted of a simple, wooden platform on the one side. The station was located between Slemdal and Ris. Due to the vicinity to these stations there were few passengers who used Engerjordet.[1] The station was named for the farm Enger.[2]


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