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The Enghelab Sport Complex (Persian: مجموعه ورزشی انقلاب‎), previously known as the Shahanshahi Club (Persian: کلوپ شاهنشاهی‎; English: Imperial Club) is a sport complex in Tehran, Iran. The complex was opened in 1958 under the rule of Mohammad Reza Shah. The complex hosts about 10 000 people daily who participate in different activities.[1]


  • Enghelab Golf Course
  • Enghelab Skating Academy
  • Matrix Paintball Club
  • Enghelab Bowling Club
  • Enghelab Tennis Courts
  • Enghelab Squash Club
  • Enghelab Skating & Inline Hockey Arena
  • Enghelab Indoors & Outdoors Swimming Pools
  • Enghelab Fishing Pool
  • Enghelab Karting Track
  • Enghelab Basketball Halls
  • Enghelab Soccer Fields
  • Enghelab Fitness Gym


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