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An engine is a device that converts energy in one form into mechanical energy.

Engine may also refer to:

In thermodynamics[edit]

In rail transport[edit]

  • Locomotive, the car of a train that carries the actual engine(s) and pulls/pushes the rest of the train

In warfare[edit]

In computer science[edit]

  • Database engine, software that manipulates database contents internally
  • Engine (computer science), a construct providing timed preemption
  • Software engine, an input/output system where the output is of a different order than the input, such as the conversion of HTML to a rendered page
  • Search engine, an information-retrieval system designed to find information on a computer system
  • Game engine, the core software component of a computer or video game
  • Layout engine, software that formats web content for display on a screen
  • Rendering engine, software or hardware which converts specifications for images into pixels
  • Ray-tracing engine, software which renders a scene by tracing simulated rays of light
  • Polymorphic engine or mutation engine, an early conceptual or mechanical calculating device
  • Difference engine, a mechanical calculator designed to tabulate polynomial functions
  • Analytical Engine, a concept for a computer, designed by Charles Babbage
  • Chess engine, a computer program that analyses chess positions and makes decisions on the best chess moves

In literature[edit]

In television[edit]

  • Engine, a giant living machine in the Japanese Super Sentai TV series Engine Sentai Go-onger
  • Engine (TV series), a Japanese television drama starring Takuya Kimura

In music[edit]


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