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Engine Software BV
Video game developer
Industry Computer and video games
Founded 1995
Headquarters Doetinchem, the Netherlands
Key people
Ivo Wubbels, Ruud van de Moosdijk
Products Video games
Number of employees
Between 15 and 25
Website http://www.engine-software.com/

Engine Software is a Dutch video game developer, located in Doetinchem, the Netherlands, which specializes in handheld video games and digital platforms. They have also developed middleware for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS.

Engine Software was founded in 1995, and with that is the oldest game developer in the Netherlands still in business. They have worked on developing games for the Super NES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Pocket PC, PC, digiBlast, Nintendo DS, PlayStation Portable and Nintendo 3DS.

Part of the development work that the firm does is supporting other game developers (like Vicarious Visions and A2M), collaborating with other developers on a larger platform penetration strategy, and working with publishers and licensors to create games based on licensed properties.


Engine Software BV was founded in 1995 by several friends who met and worked together previously in the active Dutch demo scene for the MSX home computer. After seeing their first game, developed for the Super NES, unreleased, the company was asked by fellow game developer Vicarious Visions to support them in the development of several Game Boy Color games. The relation between Vicarious Visions and Engine Software lasted another generation of handheld consoles, the Game Boy Advance, after which the companies each went their own way. Engine Software still often works or has worked with other developers, most notably A2M, 1st Playable Productions, and PopCap Games. In 2011 the studio switched from being a handheld developer to a full multi-platform development studio developing games for iPad, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita. In 2012 Engine Software was signed by 505 Games to bring the highly rated indie title Terraria to consoles, followed by a Vita release of the same game in December 2013.


Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Pro Darts 2000 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Rescue Heroes: Fire Frenzy 2000 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Sea-Doo Hydrocross 2001 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
SpongeBob SquarePants: Legend of the Lost Spatula 2001 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Suske & Wiske: de Tijdtemmers 2001 Developer
Kelly Club: Clubhouse Fun 2001 Developer

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Power Rangers: Time Force 2001 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Xyanide cancelled Developer
Artifact (Formerly "Calculus") 2002 Developer
X2: Wolverine's Revenge 2003 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions with GBA conversion
Muppets: On with the show 2003 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Spy Muppets: License to Croak 2003 Supporting developer Vicarious Visions
Wade Hixton's Counter Punch 2004 Developer
High School Musical: Livin' the Dream 2007 Supporting developer A2M

Nintendo DS[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Marvel Trading Card Game 2007 Supporting developer 1st Playable Productions
Puzzlequest 2007 DS Conversion
The Suite Life of Zack & Cody: Circle of Spies 2007 Supporting developer A2M
GoPets: Vacation Island 2008 Supporting developer 1st Playable Productions
Dragon Hunters 2008 Developer
Polar Bowler 2008 DS conversion
Think Kids 2008 Developer
Tropix 2008 DS conversion
Gripskids: Deutsch 2009 Developer
Gripskids: Mathematik 2009 Developer
Gripskids: Sachkunde 2009 Developer
Just SING! 2009 Developer
My Virtual Tutor Reading: Pre-K to Kindergarten 2009 Supporting developer 1st Playable Productions
My Virtual Tutor Reading: Kindergarten to 1st Grade 2009 Supporting developer 1st Playable Productions
My Virtual Tutor Reading: 1st Grade to 2nd Grade 2009 Supporting developer 1st Playable Productions
Princess in Love 2009 Developer
Rummikub 2009 Developer
Think Kids 2 2009 Developer
Aliens in the Attic 2010 Developer
Cats & Dogs: the Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 Developer
Dance! It's your Stage 2010 Developer
Music für Kids 2010 Developer
HOP 2011 Developer
Jewel Quest IV: Heritage 2011 Developer
Lost Treasures of Alexandria 2011 Developer
Real Crimes: The Unicorn Killer 2011 Developer

Nintendo 3DS[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Mahjong 3D: Warriors of the Emperor 2011 Developer
Secret Mysteries in London 2012 Developer
Mad Dog McCree 2012 Developer
Mindfeud 2014 Developer
Proun+ 2014 Developer
Sumico 2014 Developer
Mighty No.9 TBA Developer

Wii / WiiWare[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Bang Attack 2008 Developer
Bejeweled 2 2010 Developer
Het Studio 100 Speel Eiland 2011 Developer

Nintendo Switch[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Rive: Ultimate Edition[1] 2017 Developer
Monopoly for Nintendo Switch[2] 2017 Developer
Little Nightmares 2017 Developer

PlayStation Portable[edit]

Game Release Involvement
State Shift 2007 Developer
Xyanide Resurrection 2007 Supporting developer Playlogic Entertainment

PlayStation Vita[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Terraria 2013 Developer

PlayStation 3[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Terraria 2013 Developer

Xbox 360[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Terraria 2013 Developer


Game Release Involvement
Terraria: Otherworld Formerly attached Former supporting developer Re-Logic
€uro-Man Developer Former project of An Art of Penguin BV
Leve de Koningin Developer
Killer7 Developer Handles the Steam version of the game

OS X[edit]

Game Release Involvement
Terraria: Otherworld Formerly Attached Former supporting developer Re-Logic


The Engine Software Music Replayer is a piece of music sequencer middleware, developed by Engine Software. It was developed for use on the Game Boy Advance, and later reproduced in a version for use on the Nintendo DS. It was licensed to many other developers for both platforms.

Key Staff[edit]

Engine Software is run by Ivo Wubbels (CEO) and Ruud van de Moosdijk (VP Development), both founders of the company in 1995. Other key figures within the company include Senior producer Jeroen Schmitz also one of the founders of the company, Lead Technology programmer Jan-Lieuwe Koopmans who created the Music Replayer, and composer Bart Roijmans who scored almost all of Engine Software's games.


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