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Engineering Chemicals B.V. is a producer of cleaning compounds and additives for the thermoplastics processing industry. The company was founded in 1980 and is located in Steenbergen, The Netherlands. The products offered by Engineering Chemicals are used by injection moulders and extrusion / compounding companies throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Product lines[edit]

Engineering Chemicals offers three different product lines:

  • Cleaning Compounds: Chemical & Mechanical cleaning compounds for all kind of plastic processing methods for temperature range of 120 - 420 °C.
  • Adhesive HE1908: Solventfree, glassclear adhesive for polycarbonate and PMMA.
  • Additives for plastics: Booster PO compatibiliser for polyolefin plastics, Booster EP compatibiliser for engineering plastics, Booster EPM carrier for colour masterbatches, Booster CTR cyclus time reduction.

Joint venture[edit]

Since 1989 Engineering Chemicals B.V. has a joint venture in the USA, producing SUPERNOVA cleaning compounds: NOVACHEM of Bridgeport, CT.