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Engineering Software Lab Ltd, (ESL)
Industry Software, software development process, static code analysis
Founded 2005
Headquarters Ramat Gan, Israel
Key people
Daniel Liezrowice
(Hebrew: דניאל לייזרוביץ‎‎), Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Yossi Turgeman, Software Sales Manager
Julia Shtengelov Field Application Engineer
Hadar Masuda Marketing Manager
Products Software development tools, Static Code Analysis, Dynamic testing, Unitest, Code Coverage, Version control, IP threat detection, Open source compliance, Automotive & Medical standard compliance, Computational mathematics, Design Data Management, Application Performance Monitoring, Security, .NET components and applications

Engineering Software Lab Ltd (ESL) (Hebrew: אי.אס.אל. מערכות תוכנה בע"מ‎‎) is an Israeli software company with headquarters in Ramat Gan, Israel. ESL's core business is as a value-added reseller (VAR) for software products. It also provides consultancy and integration services for commercial software products and custom software development. Until 2014, ESL designed and developed a wide range of own and white-label products. Since 2016, the main business focus of ESL has been selling and integrating comprehensive application lifecycle management software. It also acts as the Israeli representative of Perforce, Parasoft, Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica, and others. It is considered to be one of the largest technical software resellers in Israel.



In 2005, ESL was established in Israel by Daniel Liezrowice as a financial engineering software company. It represented companies such as RiskMetrics (now part of MSCI)[1] and Numerical Algorithms Group. At the same time, ESL developed localized applications around off the shelf financial engineering software.[2]


In 2006, ESL started designing and developing dashboards[3] for Israeli hedge funds and investment houses, usually by using .NET Framework-based products like Dundas Data Visualization, Inc. and unique technologies like Fractal Intelligence.[4] In July 2006, ESL signed a distribution agreement with Accusoft (now part of Pegasus Imaging Corporation),[5] makers of ImageGear Software.[6] By the end of 2006, ESL was joined by Dr. Rami Yosaef[7] and Moti Bazak who established the ESL market risk bureau[8](Hebrew: לשכת שרות לנושאי "ערך בסיכון" לפי דוח ועדת גלאי‎‎) that serves the Israeli finance industry with various risk analysis services.


By mid-2007, when the subprime mortgage crisis started to unfold, ESL's management understood that the finance sector was damaged and a swift process of diversification began. ESL started offering products and services to various other sectors, including avionics, aerospace, defense, health and manufacturing and mainly to software engineering operations. This year saw the first sales outside Israel, with contracts being signed in Korea, Switzerland, and Great Britain.


In April, ESL signed a distribution agreement with Wolfram Research, makers of Mathematica. In June, the market risk bureau and the sales and services of financial software operation were moved to a new daughter company named Trigonlab Ltd.[9]


In May, ESL arranged a donation of gridMathematica campus-wide licenses to all six major universities in Israel.[10] That act was followed by the 'Israeli Mathematica tour', held in early June across Israel[11] which was aimed at introducing gridMathematica to users. In August, ESL opened a new R&D center at the Poleg industrial park in Netanya.


On 23 June, together with The Israeli Users’ Association of Advanced Technologies in Hi-Tec Integrated Systems (ILTAM), ESL arranged a professional seminar on the subject of static code analysis in practice. Around 60 software engineers attended the event.[12]

On 15 October, ESL signed a distribution agreement with Simulcraft Inc. (the company behind OMNeT++.) The agreement allows ESL to distribute in Israel the product known as "OMNEST, the object-oriented discrete event simulation framework", a business commercial edition of the open source OMNeT++.

On 15 August, ESL started selling and servicing Israeli customers with build automation and acceleration software products developed by Build Process Software specialists Electric Cloud.


During February and March, ESL and Wolfram Research (makers of Mathematica) operated the Israel Mathematica Tour 2011.[13] The tour was designed to increase awareness of the benefits of the new version Mathematica 8 within Israeli academic institutions.

In February, ESL was accepted to the Perforce Partners Program as the Israeli exclusive distributorship.[14] ESL will sell and support the revision control product line. In December, ESL achieved its first major design win for Perforce, selling hundreds of licenses to the Israeli start-up Forscout.[15]

In April, ESL was accepted into the Parasoft Partners Program as the Israeli distributorship.[16] ESL will sell and market the complete Parasoft product line and is acting as the main point of contact for support and system integration services in Israel.


In May, ESL was accepted to the Palamida Partners Program as the Israeli representative. ESL will sell and market the complete Palamida product line and will provide open source compliance scan and audit services using Palamida Open Source Compliance products.


By July, it became publicly known that ESL signed a large multi-year agreement for sales, integration and support of Development Testing software tools made by Parasoft with an Israeli medical device company named Flight Medical. The purpose of this is to assist Flight Medical passing the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Devices and Radiological Health qualification process for medical devices.[17]


By January, ESL became the Israeli representative of IC Manage. This is a company that provides design data management software to semiconductor companies for managing their IC design databases between teams. Throughout the year, several major Israeli design wins were achieved by ESL on behalf of IC Manage among then Microsoft and Qualcomm.

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