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Engineers Without Borders Australia is a non-profit organisation that works within Australia and abroad to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged communities through education and the implementation of sustainable engineering projects. EWB Australia was established in 2003 by a group of engineers from Melbourne who were inspired to take action on the developmental front through engineering. It now has 20 active chapters around Australia. (See also Engineers Without Borders for similar organisations worldwide.)

EWB Australia adopts a rights based approach to sustainable development and supports the Millennium Development Goals, using them as part of the framework through which it operates. It works in partnership with developing communities to achieve environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and economically viable solutions within the context of their engineering problems. Assistance is provided by EWB Australia in the entire process of improvement and empowerment, from problem identification to the design, implementation and support of solutions, with a continual emphasis on education and training.

EWB Australia is also working towards achieving its vision by engaging with engineering students, professionals in the industry as well as the broader community in three key areas: Programs (Projects), Education and Advocacy.

EWB's vision is of a world where every individual and community has adequate access to the resources, knowledge and technology necessary to meet their self identified human needs. We have the technology that can treat water to make it potable, manage waste so that it doesn't pollute, generate renewable energy and design processes that can heal our earth. Our task is to make sure that these technologies are accessible to all. EWB envisions a transformed Australia where appropriate and sustainable technology is at the forefront of every engineers mind. We also perceive a conscious and concerned Australia that is a leader in the fight against poverty and an advocate for the rights of all people around the world.

Fundamental to this vision is our conviction that each individual has the ability and the responsibility to make a positive impact in the world.[1]

The 2005 Conference, Engineering a Better World[1], was held in Melbourne from 1 to 3 December.


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