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Engines And Escapades is a DVD of Thomas & Friends, containing episodes unseen on TV. These episodes were the 3rd of the annual straight to DVD releases by HiT Entertainment, and are considered to be part of Season 11 of 2007. The DVD was released in Region 2 on October 22, these episodes are also on the Season 11 DVD.

The six episodes star the Narrow Gauge engines, as well as introduce a new road character, Madge. It was narrated by Michael Angelis in the UK, and by Michael Brandon in the US.


# Total UK/US title Directed by Written by TV order
21 296 "Duncan Does It All" Steve Asquith Wayne Jackman 502a
Duncan is tired of delivering straw, and wants an exciting job. Luckily, Rusty doesn't want his job of taking passengers, so Duncan offers to do it. But he soon gets bored with that duty, and he takes on one of Skarloey's loads. But Duncan keeps taking on more jobs, and ends up getting none of them done, and his friends are to blame.
22 297 "Sir Handel in Charge" Steve Asquith Simon Spencer 503b
Mr. Percival is running late and places Sir Handel in charge of a special. He has to find engines to carry the logs up to Thomas. But Sir Handel feels too self-important, and tries searching for the best engines, rather than picking the first engines he sees like the Thin Controller said. Soon, no work is done and Thomas' load is late.
23 298 "Cool Truckings" Steve Asquith Paul Larson 501a
Madge, the snub-nosed lorry, has to carry Duncan across the mountain when his line gets snowed over. Duncan teases her for being slow while carrying him, so she shows him how much fun she can be, by going faster and skidding down the snow. But at an icy part, Madge loses control, and lands dangerously over the mountain's cliff!
24 299 "Ding-a-Ling" Steve Asquith Sharon Miller 501b
The Thin Controller has ordered a new bike, but it has no bell. Freddie, learning from James that a bell is extremely important, wants to go off and find a new one to prove to James, Peter Sam and Mighty Mac that he is smart enough to know where to look. He finds several bells, but none of them are loud enough, and all together they tip the bike.
25 300 "Skarloey Storms Through" Steve Asquith Neil Richards 502a
During a storm, the Farmer needs his sheep brought into his barn. Rheneas and Peter Sam set out into the rains to carry the sheep home safely, but Skarloey fears the loud thunder and lightning. He hides and watches until Rheneas and Peter Sam run out of coal. Being the last hope, Skarloey realizes that he must conquer his fears for the sheep.
26 301 "Wash Behind Your Buffers" Steve Asquith Paul Larson 503b
Madge is put in charge of making sure the engines are spic and span for a road show. She makes sure Rheneas gets a good washdown, but she gets very dirty herself on her way to make sure Skarloey gets cleaned. Soon, Skarloey and Rheneas are sparkling, but Madge is covered in mud, and the road show will start soon.




  • Madge (Cool Truckings)
  • Cuffy the Clown (Ding-A-Ling)


  • These episodes actually made their appearances in the season 12 production and were in the wrong order. All the 26 episodes from the 2007 series were aired, so these episodes make the whole 11th Series of Thomas & Friends.
  • Madge is the first of HiT Entertainment's new characters to have had 2 main roles to herself. She is also the first character to appear on a DVD-Special.
  • A song focusing on the narrow gauge engines was also released exclusively to this DVD. It is the only new song material from Series 11.