Engke Khan

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Engke Khan
Khagan of the Mongols
Emperor of the Northern Yuan Dynasty
Reign 1392–1392/93
Coronation 1388
Predecessor Jorightu Khan
Successor Elbeg Khan
Died 1392/93
House Borjigin
Dynasty Northern Yuan

Engke (Энх, d. 1392?), was a Mongol Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty based in Mongolia. There is very little information that has existed for Engke Khan and there are questions about the identity of Engke Khan: some scholars believed that Jorightu was Yesüder and Engke Khan was Yesüder's son succeeding him, while other believed that the two were the same person. His name "Engke (Enkh) Khagan" means "Peaceful King" in the Mongolian language.

According to Mongolian historian J.Bor, Engke made an alliance with Timur against the Ming dynasty. An envoy of his met Engke for preparations all the way to China for his master's conquest. But Timur died while he was marching into China in 1405.

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Engke Khan
 Died: 1392
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Jorightu Khan
Khan of the Northern Yuan dynasty
Succeeded by
Elbeg Nigülesügchi Khan