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The England Athletics Hall of Fame was launched in 2008[1] with a panel of experts selecting a list of potential inductees for athletics fans and members of the public to vote on. The Hall of Fame honours those who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport of athletics in England. Each year the public is able to vote on a shortlist of athletes who have been put forward for voting by a panel of experts.

The short list for the public to vote on is drawn up on various criteria, including the following:

  • Athletes will be selected for the Hall of Fame shortlist based on their contribution to the sport of athletics as well as performance. (This could be as an athlete, coach or some other contributor). An example could be the impact of Roger Bannister's sub-four-minute mile on middle-distance running or Seb Coe’s work for the sport and Olympics.
  • Nominated athletes must have been retired for a minimum of five years.

Chairman of the Hall of Fame panel is Darren Campbell. Darren himself won Olympic gold in the 4 × 100 m relay and a silver at 200m. He was also European 100m champion and bronze medallist in the World Championships.





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