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England, Inc. is an American manufacturer of upholstered furniture. It is based in New Tazewell, Tennessee,[1] and was founded in 1964 by Charles England and sons Eugene and Dwight “whose goal was to provide an employment alternative for the people in their region of Appalachia.”[2] England is well known in the industry for pioneering a method of rapid delivery of custom furniture through its proprietary transportation system.[2][3] England Inc. sells its furniture through furniture stores (some with galleries called Custom Comfort Centers) across America and Canada.[4][5][6][7] In 1995 England was acquired by La-Z-Boy.[2][8]


England, Inc. was founded in 1964 by Dwight England, in partnership with his Father and Brother, under the name “England UPH MFG Co., Inc.” By 1984, England was working around the clock. The company was the first to offer 2 week delivery for a full truck-load of furniture where most other companies could only offer delivery in 6–12 weeks.[9] In 1987 Rodney England took over from his father as President of England Furniture. In 1992, England Furniture was awarded the East Tennessee “Entrepreneurial Company of the Year.”[9]

By 1994, England Furniture had sales of $106 million. The following year, England was acquired by La-Z-Boy to operate as an independent division.[2]


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