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England Handball Association
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Type Sports association
Legal status Company Limited by Guarantee
Purpose Development of Handball in England
Region served
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Website England Handball Association

The England Handball Association is a governing body of Team Handball in England. It is an Associate member of the European Handball Federation (EHF).[1]

Men's Competition[edit]

England Handball provide both league and cup competitions for clubs.


The men's league in England is currently divided into three tiers. The elite tier is the Super 8 in which eight teams from England compete to be the national champion. The second tier is the Championship. This competition is currently divided into North and South. Following an end of season play-off in June, the overall winners are promoted to the Super 8, replacing the team finishing last in the top division. The runners-up in the Championship play a sudden death promotion match against the seventh placed team in the Super 8 for a place in the top division for the following season.

The lowest tier of competition in senior men's handball in England is the third tier which consists of regional development leagues. The number of divisions varies from year to year during the 2014/15 season there were five regional leagues, London, South-West, East, Midlands and North. As of 2016/17 there are four regional leagues, North, Midlands, South-West and South-East. The South-East regional league is divided into three divisions, Tier 1, 2A and 2B, so 2A and 2B make up the fourth tier of English handball.

There is no automatic promotion from the third to the second tier. The third tier is where clubs are able to demonstrate their development and ability to meet the criteria to join the competition at the second tier.

Tier Leagues/Divisions
1 Super 8

8 teams - 1 relegation

2 Championship North Championship South
3 North Regional Development League Midlands Regional Development League South-West Regional Development League South-East Regional Development League - Tier 1
4 South-East Regional Development League - Tier 2A South-East Regional Development League - Tier 2B

National League (Super 8 since 2012)[edit]

Main Page: Super 8

Year Champion Runner-up Relegated
1975 Birkenhead
1976 Birkenhead
1977 Birkenhead Kirkby
1978 Kirkby Select Brentwood '72
1979 Brentwood '72 Kirkby Select
1980 Brentwood '72 Kirkby Select
1981 Brentwood '72 Liverpool
1982 Brentwood '72 Liverpool
1983 Brentwood '72 Liverpool
1986 Kirkby Select
1989 Manchester United
2000 Great Dane (London) Ruislip Eagles
2001 Great Dane (London) Ruislip Eagles
2003 Liverpool Ruislip Eagles
2005 Great Dane (London) Heathrow
2006 Oxford University University of Manchester
2007 University of Manchester Great Dane HC London
2008 Great Dane (London) University of Manchester
2009 Great Dane (London) Olympia HC London
2010 London GD Olympia HC London
2011 London GD Ruislip Eagles
2012 Salford Ruislip Eagles
2013 London GD Salford Liverpool
2014 London GD Salford Deva
2015 Warrington Wolves London GD Coventry
2016 London GD Olympia HC London Manchester
2017 Warrington Wolves NEM Hawks Coventry

Data sources: 1975-1976 Wirral Handball Club Clubs and Honours;[2] 1977-1982 Midlands Handball Association (1982) Handball Directory. page 12.;[3] 1983 British Handball Association Word is ... No.5 page 3;[4] 2006 Oxford University Handball Club Entries for Great Dane & 2009

Second Tier (Championship)[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
1977 Whitchurch (Bristol)
1978 Olympia (Cannock) Leicester '73
1979 Leicester '73
1980 Recreation Nuneaton Ipswich
1981 Olympia (Cannock) Great Danes
2006 Liverpool Hope
2013 Olympia HC London NEM Hawks
2014 Coventry HC NEM Hawks
2015 NEM Hawks Brighton
2016 Nottingham Brighton
2017 Liverpool Brighton

Data source: 1977-1982 Midlands Handball Association (1982) Handball Directory. page 12;.[3] 2006

Third Tier (Development Leagues)[edit]

Year Region Champion Runner-up
2015 London London GD II Thames HC
2015 South Southampton Poole Phoenix
2015 East Cranfield HC Cambridge HC
2015 Midlands Loughborough OlyCats
2015 North Bolton Huddersfield


The EHA offers two cup competitions for senior males.[5] The EHA National Cup is the cup competition for the top clubs in England. Any club meeting the qualifying criteria may enter. Clubs not eligible for the National Cup may enter the EHA League Cup.

EHA National Cup[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
2009 London GD
2010 Ruislip Eagles Manchester Handball Club
2011 London GD Ruislip Eagles
2012 London GD Salford
2013 Salford Ruislip Eagles
2014 Salford London GD
2015 Warrington Wolves London GD
2016 Warrington Wolves London GD

Men EHA League Cup[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
2015 Cranfield London GD II
2016 Oxford University London GD II
2017 London GD II Reading Lions

Women's Competition[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
2011 Ruislip Eagles Olympia HC London
2012 Ruislip Eagles London GD
2013 Olympia HC London London GD
2014 Olympia HC London Thames HC
2015 London GD Olympia HC London
2016 London GD London Angels HC

Women EHA Cup[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
2009 Ruislip Eagles London GD
2010 London GD Ruislip Eagles
2011 Ruislip Eagles Olympia HC London
2012 Ruislip Eagles London GD
2013 London GD Handball Club Thames Handball Club
2014 Olympia HC London Ruislip Eagles
2015 London GD Coventry Sharkbite
2016 Olympia HC London Coventry Sharks

Women's League Cup[edit]

Year Champion Runner-up
2017 Reading Lionesses  Liverpool HC

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