England national korfball team

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Association English Korfball Association
IKF membership 2007 (1946 as BKA)
IKF code ENG England
IKF rank 4 (Jan.2017)
World Championships
Appearances 2
First appearance 2007
Best result 4th, 2015
European Championships
Appearances 2
First appearance 2010
Best result 4th, 2014

The England national korfball team is managed by the English Korfball Association (EKA), representing England in korfball international competitions. In 2007 the Great Britain national korfball team was split into 3 national teams: England, Wales and Scotland, that compete in all international competitions except the World Games, where they compete as a unified Great Britain national korfball team.

Tournament history[edit]

World Championships[1]
Year Championship Host Classification
2007 8th World Championship Brno (Czech Republic) 7th place
2011 9th World Championship Shaoxing (China) 5th place
2015 10th World Championship Antwerp, Ghent & Tielen (Belgium) 4th place

World Games
Year Championship Host Classification

European Championships[2]
Year Championship Host Classification
2010 4th European Championship (Netherlands) 6th place
2014 5th European Championship (Portugal) 4th Place

Current squad[edit]

National team at the World Championships 2015[3]

  • Stephanie Allen
  • Natasha Dawson
  • Claire Dique
  • Caitlin Fitzgerald
  • Kathryn Goodridge
  • Amy Turner
  • Hannah Lorrimer
  • Ashley Warner
  • Owen Bailey
  • Sam Brooks
  • Daniel Brown
  • Otto Fabius
  • Ben King (c)
  • Blake Palfreyman
  • Davesh Patel
  • Charles Vogwill
  • Coach: Dave Buckland


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