English Bicknor Castle

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English Bicknor Castle
English Bicknor in Gloucestershire, England
English Bicknor Castle.jpg
The castle ruins today
English Bicknor Castle is located in Gloucestershire
English Bicknor Castle
English Bicknor Castle
Coordinates51°50′19″N 2°36′31″W / 51.838611°N 2.608611°W / 51.838611; -2.608611Coordinates: 51°50′19″N 2°36′31″W / 51.838611°N 2.608611°W / 51.838611; -2.608611
TypeMotte and bailey
Site information
ConditionEarthworks only remain

English Bicknor Castle was a castle in the village of English Bicknor in Gloucestershire, England.

The castle was built in the 11th century as a motte and bailey design, although some suggest a later construction date in the early 12th century.[1] The motte lay at the centre of two concentric outer bailey walls, producing a roughly circular castle approximately 150 yards across.[2] The motte was placed against the south-west corner of the site, where the ground fell away from the castle, giving additional protection from attack.[2] A square stone keep may have been built at a later stage on the motte, and a church was built in the outer bailey.[2] At the start of years of the Anarchy the castle was controlled by the powerful Miles de Gloucester.[3] The castle escaped destruction at the end of the conflict and was still in use at the beginning of the 13th century, when it was owned by William Avenel; its exact date of final ruin is unknown.[4]

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