English Electric: Full Power

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English Electric: Full Power
Compilation album by
Released23 September 2013
GenreProgressive rock, new prog
LabelEnglish Electric Recordings
ProducerAndy Poole
Big Big Train chronology
Make Some Noise (EP)
English Electric: Full Power
Wassail (EP)

English Electric: Full Power (sometimes abbreviated to EEFLP) is a compilation album by the English progressive rock band Big Big Train. It presents tracks from their seventh and eighth studio albums, English Electric Part One and English Electric Part Two, along with four new pieces (which were additionally released on the EP Make Some Noise) as a self-contained double CD album. The album was issued in a book-style digipack, including a 96-page booklet.[1][2]

EEFLP (along with the Make Some Noise EP) marks the final release of English Electric material, which began work as early as 2010,[3] and was the last release of new material from the band until the EP Wassail in 2015. There is a new edition of EEFLP with different cover under the name of English Electric in 2016.


Each song on the album tells a different story, many of them centering around characters living and working in England, with reference to the country's industrial past and processes which have changed its landscape. Full lyrics as well as descriptions of the stories behind the songs are included in the 96-page booklet of EEFLP.[2] Additionally, Greg Spawton and David Longdon discussed the meanings of the tracks on the two initially released "parts" of English Electric in blogs leading up to the releases of those albums.[4][5]

Track Listing[edit]

Disc One
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Make Some Noise"David LongdonMake Some Noise EP4:23
2."The First Rebreather"Greg SpawtonEnglish Electric Part One8:31
3."Uncle Jack"LongdonEnglish Electric Part One3:49
4."Swan Hunter"Longdon, SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two6:21
5."Seen Better Days"SpawtonMake Some Noise EP7:37
6."Edgelands"Danny Manners, SpawtonMake Some Noise EP1:26
7."Summoned by Bells"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part One9:17
8."Upton Heath"Longdon, SpawtonEnglish Electric Part One5:39
9."A Boy in Darkness"LongdonEnglish Electric Part One8:03
10."Hedgerow"Longdon, Andy Poole, SpawtonEnglish Electric Part One8:54
Total length:63:57
Disc Two
No.TitleWriter(s)Original albumLength
1."Judas Unrepentant"LongdonEnglish Electric Part One7:18
2."Worked Out"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two7:31
3."Winchester from St Giles' Hill"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part One7:18
4."The Lovers"LongdonMake Some Noise EP5:32
5."Leopards"LongdonEnglish Electric Part Two3:54
6."Keeper of Abbeys"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two6:59
7."The Permanent Way"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two8:16
8."East Coast Racer"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two15:45
9."Curator of Butterflies"SpawtonEnglish Electric Part Two8:45
Total length:71:14


  • Nick D'Virgilio – drums, cajon, backing vocals
  • Dave Gregory – 6 and 12 string electric guitars, electric sitar, E-bow guitars, banjo, mellotron, marimba, the voice of the court usher in "Judas Unrepentant"
  • David Longdon – lead and backing vocals, flute, acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, accordion, melodica, piano, keyboards, vibraphone, tambourine, dumbek, shaker, the birds and the bees, dog whistling, cutlery and glassware
  • Danny Manners – piano, keyboards, double bass, baritone bee
  • Andy Poole – electric piano, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
  • Gregory Spawton – bass guitar, 6 and 12 string acoustic and electric guitars, mandolin, keyboards, backing vocals
Guest musicians
  • Lily Adams – backing vocals, soprano bee
  • Violet Adams – backing vocals, soprano bee
  • Robin Armstrong – backing vocals
  • Rob Aubrey – bass pedals
  • Geraldine Berreen – violin
  • Sue Bowran – violin
  • Dave Desmond – trombone
  • Megan Fisher – harp
  • Eleanor Gilchrist – violin
  • Ben Godfrey – cornet
  • Simon Godfrey – backing vocals
  • Rachel Hall – violin
  • Verity Joy – backing vocals
  • Jan Jaap Langereis – recorders
  • Sandra Olma – backing vocals
  • Martin Orford – backing vocals
  • Lord Cornelius Plum – backwards guitar
  • Daniel Steinhardt – electric guitar
  • John Storey – euphonium
  • Andy Tillison – keyboards
  • Abigail Trundle – cello
  • Jon Truscott – tuba
  • Teresa Whipple – viola
Arrangements and technical
  • String arrangement on "A Boy in Darkness", "Leopards" by Louis Phillipe
  • Brass arrangement on "Swan Hunter", "Summoned by Bells", "Hedgerow", "The Permanent Way", "East Coast Racer" and "Curator of Butterflies" by Dave Desmond
  • String arrangement on "The First Rebreather", "Winchester from St Giles' Hill", "East Coast Racer" and "Curator of Butterflies" by Dave Gregory
  • String arrangement on "Swan Hunter" and "The Permanent Way" by Rachel Hall
  • Closing section of "Summoned by Bells" arranged by Danny Manners
  • Mixing and mastering by Rob Aubrey at Aubitt Studios


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