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Some fields of engineering in the United States use a system of measurement of physical quantities known as the English Engineering units.[1] The system is based on English units of measure.


The English Engineering units is a set of consistent units still in use in the United States. The set is defined by the following units,[2] with a comparison to the standard units based on the International System of Units.[3]

Dimension English Engineering unit SI unit
time second (sec)[citation needed] second (s)
length foot (ft) metre (m)
mass pound mass (lbm)[citation needed] kilogram (kg)
force pound force (lbf) newton (N)
temperature degree Fahrenheit (°F) degree Celsius (°C)
absolute temperature degree Rankine (°R) kelvin (K)

Units for other physical quantities are derived from this set as needed.

A similar system is termed British engineering units by Halliday and Resnick, a system that uses the slug as the unit of mass.[4]

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