The English Illustrated Magazine

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The English Illustrated Magazine
English Illustrated.jpg
Front cover for #28 (January 1886)
First issueOctober 1883
Final issue
August 1913
CompanyMacmillan (1883-92)
Edward Arnold(1892-92)
Illustrated London News (1893 - 1898)
William Ingram (1898-1901)
T. Fisher Unwin(1901-1903)
Hutchinson's (1903-05)
Central Publishing (1905-13)
CountryUnited Kingdom

The English Illustrated Magazine was a monthly publication that ran for 359 issues between October 1883 and August 1913. Features included travel, topography, and a large amount of fiction and were contributed by writers such as Thomas Hardy, Henry James, Stanley J. Weyman and Max Pemberton. Illustrators included Walter Crane, Carlo Perugini, Alma-Tadema, Louis Davis and Louis Wain.[1] When it began publication, it was the only illustrated competitor to Cassell's Magazine.[2]



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