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The English Subject Centre supported the teaching and learning of English literature, the English language and Creative Writing across UK Higher Education. The team of 8 full and part-time staff helped its members to share ideas and engage in good practice through events, networks and publications. The English Subject Centre was one of 24 Subject Centres, which together formed the Subject Network of the Higher Education Academy. It was based in Royal Holloway, University of London. The Centre was officially closed at the end of July 2011 due to funding constraints which led to a restructuring of the Higher Education Academy's activities.


The Subject Centre supported, by a variety of means, all those who teach in subjects related to Higher Education English. The Centre ran events about the teaching of English, the curriculum and the key aspects of national policy that affected the teaching of English. It sponsored both small and large projects concerned with the development of teaching and learning in the subject.[1] It collected and disseminated qualitative and quantitative information of relevance to English. Its span of work covered all aspects of the teaching of English at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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