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English Young Liberals
Headquarters 8–10 Great George Street,
London SW1P 3AE
Ideology Liberalism (British)
Community politics[1]
Mother party English Liberal Democrats
International affiliation International Federation of Liberal and Radical Youth (IFLRY)
European affiliation European Liberal Youth (LYMEC)
UK affiliation Young Liberals
Website http://www.liberalyouth.org

English Young Liberals is the youth and student wing of the English Liberal Democrats.

English Young Liberals has branches across England including various English universities, and seeks to promote the work and campaigning of the party and Young Liberals.[citation needed] It is also a part of the UK Federal Young Liberals.

The current Chair of English Young Liberals is Ems Simpson who was elected in March 2018.


The English Young Liberals Executive is made up of a Chair, Vice Chairs, National Members and Regional Chairs.

Role Name
Chair Ems Simpson
Vice Chair of Membership Eloka Ikegbunam
Vice Chair of Campaigns Tara Hussain
Ordinary Executive Members Ned Williams
Rhiannon Petteford
Lucy Pukis Charters
Regional Chairs Devon & Cornwall Sam Campling
East Midlands Simon Mansfield
East of England Callum Robertson
North East Thomas Crawford
North West Matt Downey
London Catriona McDougall
South Central Olivia Reed
South East Josh Elliott
West Midlands Adam Belcher
Western Counties Molly McLaughlin
Yorkshire and the Humber Mike Green

English Council[edit]

The English Young Liberals also elects twelve members to send to the English Liberal Democrats English Council, which is the sovereign body of the English Party. The current representatives are:

  • Alex Wagner
  • Rhiannon Petteford
  • Ned Williams
  • Mike Green
  • Olivia Reed
  • Maurizio Cuttin
  • Gabriel Barton-Singer
  • Meraj Khan
  • James Knight
  • Cassie Fraser-Shanley
  • Thomas Gravatt
  • Tom Purvis

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