English cricket team in Australia in 1894–95

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1895 newspaper article describing the fifth day of the final deciding Ashes match

The England cricket team toured Australia and Ceylon in 1894-95.

The team, captained by Andrew Stoddart, played 24 matches in total, of which it won 10, drew 10 and lost 4. In first-class cricket, the team played 12, won 8 and lost 4.

Five Test matches were played and it was a memorable series that England won 3-2 after Australia had recovered from 0-2 down to 2-2 with the final match a true decider. The first Test, won by England, made history in another way, as it was the first of only three Tests in history to be won by a side forced to follow on.

In addition to the Test series, England played first-class matches versus the Australian colonial teams: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria.

Test series summary[edit]


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England was captained by Andrew Stoddart and had Hylton Philipson as its specialist wicket-keeper, the other players being Johnny Briggs, Bobby Peel, Jack Brown, Tom Richardson, Bill Lockwood, Archie MacLaren, Albert Ward, Bill Brockwell, Francis Ford and Leslie Gay.

Australia was captained in the first Test by Jack Blackham who was also the wicket-keeper. He was then replaced George Giffen as captain and by Affie Jarvis as keeper. Other players to represent Australia were Jack Lyons, Charlie Turner, Harry Trott, Syd Gregory, Joe Darling, Frank Iredale, Ernie Jones, Charlie McLeod, John Reedman, Hugh Trumble, Arthur Coningham, Albert Trott, Jack Worrall, Harry Graham and Tom McKibbin.


The team used Colombo as a stopover during its long sea voyage and played against local sides that were not first-class. This was the fifth time that an English cricket team had visited Ceylon but it was not until 1911-12 that another arrived.

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