Enguerrand I, Lord of Coucy

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Enguerrand I (c. 1042 – 1116) was the Lord of Coucy from 1086 [1] to 1116.

Enguerrand was a man of many scandals. With the help of the Bishop of Laon he divorced his first wife, Adèle de Marle, for adultery. When he married his next wife, Sibyl of Château-Porcien, she was still married to Godfrey of Namur, the Lord of Lorraine [1] who was absent and in a war. Enguerrand and Sybil's first husband became bitter enemies and continued to fight a private war.

Adèle's son Thomas de Marle hated his father and joined the enemies against his father. Nevertheless, when in 1095 the First Crusade started, both he and his son joined in the adventure as part of the army of Emicho. Thomas succeeded Enguerrand upon his death.


Enguerrand was the son of Drogo, Lord of Boves.

Enguerrand married Adèle (Ada) de Marle, the divorced wife of Aubry, Viscount of Coucy, and daughter of Letard de Roucy, Lord of Marle. Letard was, in turn, the son of Gilbert, Count of Reims and Roucy. Enguerrand and Ada had three children:

  • Thomas de Marle (1078–1130/31). Lord of Coucy and Marle, Count of Amiens.[2][3][4]
  • Beatrix de Boves (−1144). Married Adam Châtelain d´Amiens.[5]
  • Robert de Coucy.

Enguerrand is said to have kidnapped Sibyl of Château-Porcien, the wife of Godfrey I, Count of Namur.[6] With the kidnapped Sibyl pregnant with Enguerrand's child, he later married her and they had a daughter[1] Agnès de Coucy. Enguerrand and Agnès were the great-grandparents of Robert of Thourotte, who was Bishop of Langres from 1232-1240 and Bishop of Liège from 1240-1246, a fact which possibly absolved him of his many sins.[clarification needed]


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Preceded by
Aubry de Coucy
Lord of Coucy
Succeeded by
Thomas de Marle