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Enhanced TV (ETV) is one example of interactive TV. It is used in particular in reference to two-screen solutions TV + PC services. Generally users of these ETV services have their TV and computer in the same room, and navigate their web browser to a program-specific Web site that is synchronized to the live program by the broadcast TV network. Alternatively, some computers have TV tuner cards, or some television receivers, for example those with Google TV, offer web browsers.

Notable "ETV" services are offered by the ABC, ESPN and Jacked.com for a number of popular programs such Monday Night Football, ESPN Sunday Night Football, The Academy Awards, etc. Similar services are offered for selected programs by other networks, primarily using platforms operated by GoldPocket.

Enhanced TV is related to a more general, flexible, and ubiquitous second screen capability more broadly referred to as coactive TV, and also relates to the general behavior of "media multitasking".

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