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Enhancement may refer to:

Human body enhancement:

Image enhancement:

Acoustical signal enhancement:

  • Acoustic enhancement, the augmentation of direct, reflected, or reverberant sound waves without resorting to electronic sound reinforcement
  • Blip enhancement, an electronic warfare technique used to fool radar
  • Forensic audio enhancement, the scientific analysis and improvement of audio clarity, especially to improve intelligibility
  • Orchestral enhancement, using orchestration techniques, architecture, or electronic sound reinforcement to modify the sound of a live musical performance
  • Speech enhancement, the improvement of speech quality via audio signal processing

Software enhancement:

  • Progressive enhancement, a web application design that provides a usable experience to users of a broad spectrum of web browsers, but gives additional features to users of more sophisticated web browsers
  • Software enhancement, a proposed or newly added software feature
  • Web enhancement, official downloadable content published via the World Wide Web for a video game

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