Enid Lego Builder

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Enid Lego Builder
Born (unknown)
Enid, Oklahoma
Residence Enid, Oklahoma
Other names ELB, The Builder
Occupation Artist
Years active 2011-present
Website http://enidlegobuilder.com

The Enid Lego Builder, or sometimes dubbed the Builder or ELB, is an anonymous artist occupying the town of Enid, Oklahoma. He chose to use a lego man because the Lego is an iconic image, and an image that hopefully would not offend anyone.[1] The Builder was once called "Enid's Banksy", even though he hates it, shunning the political statements.[2]


Early career (2011)[edit]

In an interview, he said the project started as an educator. "Someone said they didn't know who Garriott was. Others say they thought he was a politician; one person was sure he was a former mayor." He saw an opportunity to educate the public. He started this project with posters, his first one of Owen K. Garriott. His signature look for his artwork is made with stencils that he cuts himself. He puts up the posters with vinyl gloves to keep clean from the water-flour mixture he uses in place of glue.


The Builder started creating magnets near the end of 2011 for people wanting his art. Zealous fans kept pulling down his posters to keep. The Builder came up with the solution to give his art away as magnets. He starts by taking pictures of a handmade magnet and gives a small hint on where it's hidden. He then uploads the picture to Facebook. In a matter of minutes, a lucky local picks up the magnet and takes a picture of them holding their prize. There are many variations of the magnets. There is only one rule for the magnets: Only one per family. You can get another if other "hunts" or "drops" take place between time.[3]


In 2012, the Builder created a Facebook page for fans to "friend" him.[4]


2013 was the rising point of the Enid Lego Builder's career. on 13 May, he was featured on the cover of the Enid News & Eagle with the title "Identity Unknown". He discusses the mystique, how he started, and what he is doing now. He was in many interviews and created a holiday.

Enid Lego Builder Day[edit]

On 2 April 2013, the Builder released the idea of Enid Lego Builder Day, dubbed "ELB Day!!". The day was scheduled on 27 April. After making all of the unique items for the 2013 ELB Day, there was a total of 91 magnets, 11 head magnets, five keychains, four canvas paintings, one wood cradleboard painting, and five Privation Printing T-shirts. On the 6th of May, the City of Enid made a Proclamation for ELB day and the official Enid Lego Builder day is on 6 May.[5]



For his posters, they are made of paper that he paints his design on. When hanging them up, he delicately rolls up the paper. While wearing vinyl gloves, he hangs up the posters with a mixture of flour and water in place of glue. In the span of less than a minute, he hurries from his car toward his destination where he slaps on the poster.[3]

A list of his posters include:

  • Astronaut Owen K. Garriott
  • "The Builder" - a Lego person holding a picket sign saying "LOVE ♥ This City!!" (Spray painted on a wall) [2]
  • a Lego person holding a picket sign saying "WE ARE ENID"
  • a Lego person with a speech bubble exclaiming "I ♥ ENID"
  • Phillips University with mascot Haymaker
  • Basketball player Mark Price
  • Police man Cal Palmer


The Builder has made hundreds, possibly thousands, of magnets. His first magnet created was a magnet sheet with a piece of paper taped to it with the signature logo. He never released that one to the public. Later, the Builder started cutting shaped sheets of wood. He would spray paint the Lego "head" on the block of wood and put a strong magnet on the back of them. Some of the early magnets were made out of recycled materials, such as scrapbook paper, shoe boxes, and City of Enid pamphlets. Others magnets with different designs include the Lego head, the Lego man's body, and the Lego man's head cut in the shape of his head. In 2013, the Builder debuted a new magnet in the shape of the body of the Lego man.


Like the magnets, the Enid Lego Builder created these for fans who wanted his art. They are made with real Lego men and have a keychain hot glued to the top of the head. Each one was different (with a different outfit) and they are still being made.

Personal life[edit]

The Builder is always referred to as a male in interviews and other events. In an interview, he said he was a married father. He also talked about his wife in an interview in Enid News & Eagle. His identity is unknown, but only a handful of people actually know it. On 13 June 2013, the Builder posted a Facebook update. In the update, it said "Some things have happened regarding the [Enid Lego Builder] and my private life. There have been some incidents in last 2 weeks that has put the safety of my family and the [Enid Lego Builder] into focus. Somehow, a lot [of] my private life has been leaked and found out. So as of today I am taking a break from being the Builder and hope to be back doing what I do as soon as something get figured out. I appreciate everyone of you who enjoy what I do. And don't stop loving Enid and enjoying it to it fullest. Thanks." It is unknown who leaked his identity, but the Enid Lego Builder is no longer on his break.


On 4 April 2014, the Enid Lego Builder revealed his identity during the downtown Enid event, First Friday. His real name is Carl Fielder.[6]


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