Enigma (novel)

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First UK edition
Author Robert Harris
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre Historical fiction
Set in WWII
Publisher Hutchinson
Publication date
4 September 1995
Media type Print (hardback)
ISBN 0091779235 (first edition, hardback)
OCLC 32626914

Enigma is a 1995 novel by Robert Harris about Tom Jericho, a young mathematician trying to break the Germans' "Enigma" ciphers during World War II. Jericho is stationed in Bletchley Park, the British cryptologist central office, and is worked to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. The book was adapted to film in 2001.


The book, though fiction, is criticised by people who were at Bletchley Park as bearing little resemblance to the real wartime Bletchley Park.[1]


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