Enipeas (Thessaly)

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River Enipeus.jpg
Enipeas at Xylades, Farsala.
Country Greece
Physical characteristics
Main source Phthiotis, Greece
River mouth Pineios
39°34′21″N 22°5′20″E / 39.57250°N 22.08889°E / 39.57250; 22.08889Coordinates: 39°34′21″N 22°5′20″E / 39.57250°N 22.08889°E / 39.57250; 22.08889

The Enipeas (Greek: Ενιπέας) or Enipeus (Ancient Greek: Ἐνιπεύς) is a river in central Greece, tributary of the Pineios. Its source is in the northern part of Phthiotis, on the plateau of Domokos. It course runs through several of the tetrades of ancient Thessaly, from Achaia Phthiotis in South through Phthia to finally flow into the Pineios in Histiaeotis.

The banks of the Enipeas constituted the scene of several important battles of history, including those of Cynoscephalae (364 BCE and 197 BCE) and Pharsalus (48 BCE).