Enjoy the Moment

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Enjoy the Moment
Enjoy the Moment cover.jpg
Studio album by Randy Napoleon and Jared Gold
Released 2002
Genre Bebop, Jazz

Enjoy the Moment is the 2002 album, a collaboration of guitarist Randy Napoleon and organist Jared Gold, featuring Quincy Davis on drums. It is also the name of the title song, written by Napoleon. The collaboration was released in 2002.

“The melody came to me walking down Broadway with some friends. It's a song about appreciating friendship,” says Napoleon.

Napoleon's 2006 album, Randy Napoleon: Between Friends, also features Davis and Gold and includes bass guitarist David Wong and pianist Benny Green. Gold's 2008 album, Solids & Stripes, features Napoleon on guitar.


  1. The Nest (Jared Gold)
  2. Enjoy the Moment (Randy Napoleon)
  3. Never Let Me Go (Jay Livingston & Ray Evans)
  4. This End Up (Jared Gold)
  5. To Have, To Lose (Randy Napoleon)
  6. I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren & Mack Gordon)
  7. Taking a Chance on Love (Vernon Duke, Ted Fetter, & John Latouche)
  8. In My Life

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