Enlarged to Show Detail

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Enlarged to Show Detail
Music by311
Release date
1996 (VHS)
December 11, 2001 (DVD)

Enlarged to Show Detail is a 1996 documentary created by the multi-genred band 311. The set contains a documentary (first released on VHS in 1996 and in 2001 on DVD) and a bonus CD EP. This was the first video documenting their experiences as a band promoting what they consider to be peace and a positive outlook on life. It features backstage footage, clips of music videos and live concert footage.

Enlarged to Show Detail was certified as a Platinum selling video by the RIAA.

Bonus CD EP[edit]

Cover of Bonus CD EP

The second disc is a CD EP that includes the following tracks that are studio outtakes from the band's self-titled third album. It was produced by the band and Ron Saint Germain.[1]

  1. Tribute 4:16
  2. Let The Cards Fall 3:27
  3. Gap 2:10
  4. Firewater 3:32