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Beijing Enlight Media
Traded as
Founded 24 April 2000; 18 years ago (2000-04-24)
Headquarters Beijing, China
Key people
  • Wang Changtian (Chairman & GM)[1]
  • Li Xiaoping (Deputy GM)
  • Li Delai (Deputy GM)
Brands (Chinese: E视网)
Revenue Increase CN¥1.523 billion[1] (2015)
Increase CN¥433.3 million[1] (2015)
Increase CN¥402.1 million[1] (2015)
Total assets Increase CN¥8.189 billion[1] (2015)
Total equity Increase CN¥6.872 billion[1] (2015)
Parent Enlight Investment Holding
Subsidiaries Beijing Enlight Pictures (100%)[1]
Footnotes / references
in a consolidated basis[1]
Beijing Enlight Media
Simplified Chinese 北京光线传媒
Traditional Chinese 北京光線傳媒

Beijing Enlight Media Co., Ltd. known as Enlight Media is a Chinese publicly traded company. It is a TV program production enterprise, as well as film production via Beijing Enlight Pictures. The market capitalization was reported US$5.98 billion as of April 2015.[2] The company was incorporated in 24 April 2000.[3]

Beijing Enlight Media was a constituent of Shenzhen Stock Exchange blue-chip index SZSE 100 Index, but removed on 12 June 2017 (effective on the first trading day of July).[4] As of 4 July 2017, Beijing Enlight Media is a constituent of SZSE 200 Index (mid cap index).[5]



As at 31 December 2015, Wang Changtian (Chinese: 王长田), chairman of Enlight Media, via Shanghai Enlight Investment Holding (Chinese: 上海光线投资控股), owned 50.06% shares of Enlight Media as the largest shareholder;[1] the second largest shareholder of Enlight Media was Ali Venture Capital (Chinese: 阿里创业投资),[1][nb 1] The third largest shareholder (for 3.87%), Du Yinglian (Chinese: 杜英莲), was in fact Wang's wife.[1] The sixth (1.37%) and seventh (1.15%) largest shareholder, were younger brother and sister of Wang Changtian.[1] Deputy general managers (and directors), Li Xiaoping (Chinese: 李晓萍) and Li Delai (Chinese: 李德来) owned 3.79% and 3.23% shares respectively as the fourth and fifth largest shareholder.

Other shareholders in the top 10 were National Social Security Fund (0.28%), a index-tracking fund of China Construction Bank (0.21%) and Everbright Securities (0.21%).[1]


  1. ^ The stake of the company was 80% owned by Jack Ma, but also pledged to Alibaba Group. It was considered as a subsidiary and/or consolidated entity of Alibaba Group.[7]


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