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"Enlight" redirects here. For the renewable energy company, see Enlight Renewable Energy.

Enlight Software is a publisher and developer of interactive entertainment. The company was founded by Trevor Chan in 1993, and their first project was the economic strategy game Capitalism, which was published by Interactive Magic in 1995. In 1997, they released Capitalism Plus (an updated version of Capitalism) and the real-time strategy game Seven Kingdoms. Later games include Virtual U, Capitalism II, Wars and Warriors: Joan of Arc, Seven Kingdoms II, Restaurant Empire, Zoo Empire, Marine Park Empire and Restaurant Empire II.

In addition to developing their own games, Enlight have released several games from third-party developers in the US, including: Mercury Steam's American McGee Presents: Scrapland, Nadeo's TrackMania, and Egosoft's X2: The Threat.

Enlight's latest game is Capitalism Lab, a new expanded version of Capitalism II. It has an improved look and feel of existing interfaces, supporting multiple screen resolutions.[1] Its new features include enhanced simulation of the real estate market,[2] purchases of land plots,[3] enhanced macroeconomic simulation,[4] the ability to build community and sport facilities,[5] product class expertise,[6] technology disruption,[7] new products[8] and a new natural resources system.[9]


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