Enlil-nasir I

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Enlil-nasir I
King of Assyria
King of the Old Assyrian Empire
Reign1479–1466 BC
PredecessorPuzur-Ashur III
IssueNur-ili, Ashur-rabi I
FatherPuzur-Ashur III

Enlil-nasir I was the king of Assyria from 1479 BC to 1466 BC. In the List of Assyrian kings appears the following entry (king # 62): Enlil-nasir, son of Puzur-Ashur (III), ruled for thirteen years.[1] His name is present on two clay cones from Ashur. He is mentioned in the Synchronistic King list, but the name of the Babylonian counterpart is illegible.[1]


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Preceded by
Puzur-Ashur III
King of Assyria
1479–1466 BCE
Succeeded by