Ennai Thalatta Varuvala

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Ennai Thalatta Varuvala
Tamilஎன்னை தாலாட்ட வருவாளா
Directed byK. S. Ravindran
Produced byP. M. Vedimuthu
StarringAjith Kumar
Amar Siddique
Music byM. Abniram
CinematographyMagi Natesh
Edited byV. M. Uthayasankar
Muthalaya Films
Release date
  • 21 March 2003 (2003-03-21)

Ennai Thalatta Varuvala (English: Will She Come to Cradle Me?) is 2003 Tamil film directed by K. S. Ravindran and produced by P. M. Vedimuthu, who also wrote the story. The film features Vignesh and Reshma in the lead roles, with Ajith Kumar in cameo appearance. The film began production works in 1996 as Vennila [1] and the project was delayed due to financial problems with the film finally released in 21 March 2003.[2]


The film centers around Vennila's (Reshma) connections with the three men in her life. Satheesh (Ajith Kumar) wins a college competition and becomes the object of Vennila's ire. In a fit of pique, Vennila feigns love to him, gets him to marry her, and then ditches him on the wedding night. The whole affair leaves Satheesh in a state of shock, and he is later hospitalized and gets into a deep coma. Santhosh (Vignesh) is a new entrant to the college. He chooses Vennila for his games of one-upmanship, leaving her puzzled as to his motive. Amar (Amar Siddique) is Vennila's fiancé from abroad. She later realizes that he is a psychopath - an interesting scenario which had the potential to turn into a good suspense thriller. The script goes for a nosedive after Vennila finds that she is pregnant, and is shocked since she has not had a physical relationship with any of the men. Soon, she realizes that it was the past catching up with her, and it was a planned vendetta by Satheesh's dear ones.



The film was earlier titled as Vennila, after the name of the character portrayed by Reshma.[3][4] The film began production works in 1996 and the project was duly delayed due to financial problems with the film finally releasing in March 2003.[5]



Upon release, the film gained primarily negative reviews with critics citing that the "ridiculousness and extreme nature instead makes it a farce",and fail at the Box-office[6][7]


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