Enniskillen (UK Parliament constituency)

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Former Borough constituency
for the House of Commons
Replaced by North Fermanagh

Enniskillen was a United Kingdom Parliament constituency in Ireland (now in Northern Ireland, which remains part of the United Kingdom), returning one MP. It was an original constituency represented in Parliament when the Union of Great Britain and Ireland took effect on 1 January 1801.


This constituency was the Parliamentary borough of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Member Party Note
1801, January 1 Hon. Arthur Cole Hamilton Tory 1801: Co-opted
1802, July 31 Rt Hon. John Beresford Tory Also returned by and elected to sit for County Waterford
1802, December 24 William Burroughs Tory Appointed a Judge of the Supreme Court in Bengal
1806, March 14 John King Tory Resigned
1806, July 3 William Henry Fremantle Tory
1806, November 20 Nathaniel Sneyd Tory Also returned by and elected to sit for Cavan
1807, January 14 Richard Henry Alexander Bennet Tory
1807, May 14 Charles Pochin Tory
1812, October 26 Richard Magennis Tory Resigned
1828, February 11 Hon. Arthur Henry Cole Tory Re-elected as a Conservative candidate
1832, December 13 Conservative 1 Resigned
1844, June 18 Hon. Henry Arthur Cole Conservative Resigned
1851, April 12 James Whiteside Conservative Resigned to contest Dublin University
1859, February 21 Hon. John Lowry Cole Conservative
1868, November 18 Viscount Crichton Conservative
1880, April 2 Viscount Cole Conservative Last MP for the constituency
1885 Constituency abolished

Supplemental Note:-

  • 1 Walker (like F. W. S. Craig in his compilations of election results for Great Britain) classifies Tory candidates as Conservatives from 1832. The name Conservative was gradually adopted as a description for the Tories. The party is deemed to be named Conservative from the 1835 general election.