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Eno Center for Transportation
Eno Foundation - Ex Chao Ordo - Highway Traffic Control - Simsbury Library, Simsbury, CT - DSC02235.JPG
Abbreviation Eno
Motto Ex Chao Ordo
Formation April 21, 1921; 96 years ago (1921-04-21)
Headquarters 1710 Rhode Island Avenue, NW, Suite 500, Washington, DC 20036
Revenue (2015)
Expenses (2015) $2,433,994[1]
Website www.enotrans.org

The Eno Center for Transportation is a non-profit, independent think tank in Washington, DC with a mission to seek continuous improvement in transportation and its public and private leadership in order to increase the system’s mobility, safety and sustainability.[2] The Center was created and endowed in 1921 in Westport, Connecticut, by William Phelps Eno, a pioneer in the field of traffic control.


In 1921, William P. Eno created a corporation whose purpose was to continue his lifetime’s work – the promotion of safety on roads and highways. He endowed the Eno Foundation for Highway Traffic Regulation and began the work of attracting other transportation experts and specialists in order to provide a forum for unbiased discussions that would lead to improvements in the movement of people and goods.

On April 21, 1921, Eno published the Foundation’s Articles of Association. These Articles laid out the purposes of the foundation:

  1. Devise traffic methods and rules
  2. Publish information on traffic
  3. Standardize general highway traffic regulations
  4. Familiarize the public with traffic laws
  5. Promote special traffic regulations
  6. Provide proper instruction of traffic police
  7. Promote proper understanding by all police that they have general traffic obligations when in uniform
  8. Furnish advice on traffic regulation generally
  9. Recommend physical changes, such as widening of roadbeds, to assist the movement of traffic

Since 1921, the Foundation has undergone many changes. What began as a Foundation for Highway Traffic Regulation has now morphed into the Eno Center for Transportation, an independent, non-profit think tank that works in federal transportation policy and transportation leadership development.


The Foundation engages in three primary activities:

  • Professional Development Programs. The Eno Center for Transportation Leadership (CTL) provides training and education across the career span of professionals from all modes of transportation to prepare public and private sector professionals with the skills needed to understand and manage our most pressing transportation issues.
  • Policy Summits bring together public and private sector leaders to discuss important emerging issues in the transportation field. The goal of these non-partisan forums is to share information and perspectives, consider innovative approaches to transportation problems, and develop a consensus for future action.
  • Publications and Policy Research. Eno publishes a wide variety of transportation publications, including the textbook, Intermodal Transportation: Moving Freight In A Global Economy. The Eno Policy and Finance team also releases their free reports on transportation issues on their website. In 2015, Eno brought on Jeff Davis as a Senior Fellow to publish Eno Transportation Weekly (ETW) and ETW Express, a weekly run-down of current federal transportation related legislation and political action.


Board of Directors[edit]

The Eno Board of Directors[3] bring expertise in all modes of transportation and experience in federal and state government service, as well as the private sector. The Board meets four times annually to provide strategic direction for the Foundation and assure careful stewardship of Foundation resources. Over the course of the year, Board Members also participate in Eno activities, such as policy forums and leadership development programs.

  • James Burnley: Chairman of the Board; former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
  • Norman Mineta: Principal, Mineta & Associates; former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
  • Mary Peters: Principal, Mary Peters Consulting; former U.S. Secretary of Transportation
  • Keith Parker: General Manager and CEO, Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
  • Jerry Premo: AECOM (Retired)
  • Tom Prendergast: STV Incorporated
  • Martin Whitmer: Principal, Whitmer & Worrall
  • Sam LaMagna: Director of Configurable Platforms, IoT Platform Engineering and Development, Intel
  • Tay Yoshitani: Port of Seattle (retired)

Board of Advisors[edit]

The Eno Board of Advisors[4] provides advice and counsel to the Foundation’s executive leadership, including its Board of Directors and president and chief executive officer. The members are selected from across industry and government, and possess extensive knowledge and expertise in surface, air, and water based transportation policy, management, and operations. The Board meets annually with the Board of Directors to provide advice on organizational priorities and participate in policy and professional development activities. Each member is appointed to serve a three-year term.

  • Megan Ryerson: Assistant Professor, University of Pennsylvania
  • Neil Pedersen: Executive Director, Transportation Research Board
  • Andrew Salzberg: Uber’s Transportation and Mobility Policy Manager
  • Brian Pallasch: Managing Director of Government Relations and Infrastructure Initiatives, American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Brian Pickerall: Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Byron Dorgan: Sr. Policy Advisor, Arent Fox LLP
  • Doran Barnes: Executive Director, Foothill Transit
  • Ed Mortimer: Executive Director, Transportation and Infrastructure, U.S. Chamber of Commerce
  • Howard Permut: Senior Advisor, Eno Center for Transportation
  • Janet Kavinoky: Director, Federal and State Governmental Affairs Vulcan Materials Company
  • Kara Kockelman: E.P. Schoch Professor in Engineering, University of Texas at Austin
  • Kelley Coyner: Center for Regional Analysis, Schar School of Policy and Government, George Mason University & MobilityE3
  • Larry Yermack: Strategic Advisor, Cubic Corporation
  • Linda Washington: President and CEO, The Washington Consulting Team
  • Marjorie Dickman: Global Director & Managing Counsel, IoT Policy, Intel
  • Paul Rinaldi: President, National Air Traffic Controllers Association
  • Richard White: Acting President & CEO, American Public Transportation Association
  • Seth Young: Director of The Ohio State University’s Center for Aviation Studies
  • Sharon Pinkerton: Senior Vice President, Legislative and Regulatory Policy, Airlines for America
  • Thomas Jensen: Senior Vice President of Transportation Policy, UPS


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